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The Birth of MegaBracket

MegaBracket, often shortened to "MB", was born of a simple question - "Since picking bracket for the NCAA Tournament is so fun, why not pick other tournaments too?" The original idea, born on Selection Sunday 2011, consisted of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, the NIT, and the CBI (College Basketball Invitational). The existence of the CIT ( Tournament) was discovered the following day and added to the competition. As a nod to the silliness, the four tournaments were assigned an equal number of points and thus, importance. An invitation was sent to several other sports-obsessed friends and a group of seven was convened to contest the initial MegaBracket. Of the course of 24 hours and a few dozen e-mails, MegaBracket was born.

After four weeks of intense competition a champion (Jimmy) was crowned and it was clear MegaBracket had hooked the combatants. It was unanimously decided that the fun and excitement could not be allowed to expire at the conclusion of the basketball tournaments. Schedules were scoured to locate upcoming events to add with NCAA Men's Division I Hockey added as the 5th event. NCAA Women's Bowling and Women's Water Polo were added next, followed soon after by the NBA Developmental League, the NBA, and the NHL. The first four events, renamed Original MegaBracket, grew into MegaBracket 2011 with 31 total events as NCAA Men's Tennis, Men's Golf, and various other spring events were added to the mix. A season schedule was determined and MB 2011 culminated at the end of the College World Series with Bristol winning the championship.

With no level of obsession too much nor any level of competition too obscure, an outrageous and wondrous course was charted for MegaBracket 2012. The schedule grew to more than 200 events over the entire year, with a regular season beginning in July comprising 14 divisions and a new playoff format that is not just named, but also contested as a MegaBracket. We would now like to share the fun, the intensity, the insanity, and the inanity with the rest of the sports fanatics out there.

Consider yourself warned - MegaBracket will pull you so deep into the world of random indoor football leagues, D-III sports, and a golf format that is so addicting you may never get out. MegaBracket is not responsible for divorce, unemployment, insomnia, or lack of personal hygiene. It is, however, responsible for awesomeness.

Welcome to MegaBracket!