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About MegaBracket

MegaBracket is the brainchild of a bunch of buddies who couldn't get enough fantasy sports. Spawned from when a group of guys decided to pick not just the NCAA tournament bracket, but also the CIT, NIT and CBI brackets altogether in one mega bracket, the basis for MegaBracket was born.

Once the four-bracket-experience ended the many, many... many emails back and forth between the intial group made us realize that more is always better, especially when dealing with brackets and fantasy sports.

So welcome, random interweb surfer, to the Beta version of MegaBracket. Prepare to be overwhelmed with data, sports, brackets, endless sports picks and endless options.

This is MegaBracket, enjoy your stay.

Much, much more to follow.

Please see the links in the right panel for information on the upcoming MegaBracket 2014 season as well as information regarding previous seasons.