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2013 Event Winners

Playoffs were instituted beginning with the 2012 season

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Accenture Match Play mxknkl174
ACHA D1 Men's Greg108
ACHA D1 Women's Greg96
ACHA D2 Men's Doug64
ACHA D2 Women's Ryan64
ACHA D3 Men's Bristol72
Alberta Junior Hockey League skizzow, Danny108
American Association Baseball Jimmy32
American Hockey League MegaBot76
American Professional Football League Doug, Bristol, skizzow, JP, Ryan, Greg64
American-National Rugby LeagueDoug80
Appalachian LeagueRyan, Bristol, mxknkl, Mattyb22, Doug, Greg, Bred, Danny64
Arena Football League Doug132
Arizona LeagueDoug, Ryan, Chris32
Atlantic LeagueNicCage, JP, Greg64
Australian Baseball LeagueBristol, Mattyb22, MegaBot, mxknkl, JP, Chris48
British Columbia Junior Hockey League abittner96
British Open NicCage80
California League Doug, skizzow, Bristol32
Canadian Football League Ryan, Greg, mxknkl64
Carolina League Bred, mxknkl64
CBI Bristol260
Central Canada Hockey League Doug, Greg, tonewil, MegaBot40
Central Hockey League skizzow, JP, Jimmy88
Champions Professional Indoor Football Leaguetonewil, MegaBot48
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic skizzow80
CIS Field Hockey Bristol88
CIS Football Jimmy112
CIS Men's Basketball JP88
CIS Men's Cross Country tonewil129
CIS Men's Curling Greg160
CIS Men's Hockey abittner, tonewil96
CIS Men's Soccer Ryan66
CIS Men's Swimming Greg107
CIS Men's Track & Field Doug, Ryan130
CIS Men's Volleyball Doug46
CIS Men's Wrestling Bristol138
CIS Rugby Danny80
CIS Women's Basketball Greg110
CIS Women's Cross Country mxknkl127
CIS Women's Curling Danny128
CIS Women's Hockey Greg78
CIS Women's Soccer Ryan58
CIS Women's Swimming Greg135
CIS Women's Track & Field JP77
CIS Women's Volleyball Bristol88
CIS Women's Wrestling tonewil140
CIT Danny270
Coed Collegiate Table Tennis Bred, abittner148
College FB Weekly Picks Bristol100
Collegiate Mountain Bike D-IBristol123
Collegiate Mountain Bike D-IIBristol104
Collegiate Sand VolleyballJP92
D-I Baseball Bristol, Doug192
D-I Field Hockey Bristol162
D-I Men's Basketball Chris310
D-I Men's Cross Country Ryan104
D-I Men's Golf skizzow, Ryan, tonewil, Danny, abittner, Greg, Bristol78
D-I Men's Hockey MegaBot192
D-I Men's Indoor Track & Field Bristol190
D-I Men's Lacrosse skizzow, JP, Jimmy, MegaBot114
D-I Men's Outdoor Track & Field tonewil182
D-I Men's Soccer abittner103
D-I Men's Swimming & Diving tonewil108
D-I Men's Tennis Bristol273
D-I Men's Volleyball JP, abittner, Ryan, Chris64
D-I Rowing Greg98
D-I Softball Jimmy, skizzow344
D-I Volleyball mxknkl206
D-I Women's Basketball skizzow, Bred208
D-I Women's Cross Country Doug76
D-I Women's Hockey abittner, Bred, Doug, Greg132
D-I Women's Indoor Track & Field Ryan152
D-I Women's Lacrosse Doug153
D-I Women's Outdoor Track & Field abittner196
D-I Women's Soccer abittner237
D-I Women's Swimming & Diving Bristol158
D-I Women's Tennis JP, Bristol163
D-I Wrestling Chris255
D-II Baseball skizzow118
D-II Field Hockey Danny80
D-II Football JP122
D-II Men's Basketball Bred146
D-II Men's Cross Country Bristol122
D-II Men's Golf tonewil96
D-II Men's Indoor Track & Field Ryan98
D-II Men's Lacrosse MegaBot88
D-II Men's Outdoor Track & Field Doug104
D-II Men's Soccer Ryan46
D-II Men's Swimming & Diving tonewil116
D-II Men's Tennis Jimmy, Danny128
D-II NWCA National DualsJP, abittner, Jimmy60
D-II Rowing Doug88
D-II Softball abittner96
D-II Volleyball Doug173
D-II Women's Basketball Bristol136
D-II Women's Cross Country skizzow, Danny85
D-II Women's Indoor Track & Field Jimmy87
D-II Women's Lacrosse tonewil, abittner96
D-II Women's Outdoor Track & Field Danny110
D-II Women's Soccer Bristol117
D-II Women's Swimming & Diving Ryan76
D-II Women's Tennis Doug128
D-II Wrestling Ryan133
D-III Baseball Jimmy146
D-III Field Hockey mxknkl, JP90
D-III Football Greg146
D-III Men's Basketball Greg123
D-III Men's Cross Country Ryan92
D-III Men's Hockey Chris104
D-III Men's Indoor Track & Field Bristol122
D-III Men's Lacrosse mxknkl88
D-III Men's Outdoor Track & Field Doug120
D-III Men's Soccer Ryan136
D-III Men's Swimming & Diving Danny110
D-III Men's Tennis Bristol120
D-III Men's Volleyball Doug, skizzow84
D-III NWCA National Dualsmxknkl134
D-III Rowing mxknkl, abittner, Greg, Bristol, skizzow, JP, tonewil, Jimmy, Danny96
D-III Softball Jimmy, skizzow74
D-III Volleyball Bristol, skizzow106
D-III Women's Basketball Doug111
D-III Women's Cross Country Danny108
D-III Women's Hockey JP40
D-III Women's Indoor Track & Field Bristol110
D-III Women's Lacrosse Bristol144
D-III Women's Outdoor Track & Field skizzow, Jimmy, Danny108
D-III Women's Soccer Doug, mxknkl118
D-III Women's Swimming & Diving Ryan138
D-III Women's Tennis Ryan137
D-III Wrestling Ryan114
Davis CupDanny112
Daytona 500 Bristol112
Dudley Hewitt Cup tonewil, Chris, abittner, Ryan64
Eastern League NicCage, Greg, Bristol, skizzow, Jimmy, Chris, Danny64
ECHL Ryan, Doug, Jimmy96
Farmers Insurance Open Danny112
FBS Bowl Games skizzow, abittner, Ryan, tonewil224
FBS Preseason PicksNicCage256
FCS Football Bristol186
Fed CupDanny136
Federal Hockey League Bred64
Florida State League Jimmy, Chris, Doug, skizzow32
Foxtel Cupbrianodea48
Fred Page Cup Jimmy80
Frys.com Open Danny112
Gulf Coast LeagueBristol, mxknkl, NicCage16
Humana Challenge Jimmy80
Independent Basketball Associationskizzow, Bristol, tonewil, Danny64
Independent Women's Football Leagueskizzow80
Indoor Football LeagueRyan, Danny96
International Basketball LeagueGreg, Ryan, Jimmy, JP72
International League abittner72
Jan-April Weekly Pickstonewil100
John Deere Classic abittner112
Little League World Series Bristol90
Lone Star Football LeagueRobbie, Doug, Greg64
Major Indoor Soccer League Greg64
Major League BaseballDoug144
Major League Lacrosse Doug, Mattyb2264
Major League Soccer NicCage120
Manitoba Junior Hockey League mxknkl72
Maritime Junior Hockey League skizzow, Ryan92
MCLA D-I JP, Jimmy116
MCLA D-II Bristol120
Men's College Squash abittner295
Men's Water Polo skizzow, Jimmy72
Midwest League Bred72
NAIA Football Ryan108
National Basketball Association Doug324
National Football League Doug168
National Hockey League JP336
National Lacrosse League MegaBot40
National Pro Fastpitch Mattyb22, JP, NicCage, Jimmy, Danny, Doug, Ryan, abittner, Greg, Chris, Bristol32
NBA Development League mxknkl, Ryan96
NBL of Canada Jimmy72
NCAA Bowling JP192
NCAA Fencing Bristol110
NCAA Men's Gymnastics abittner104
NCAA Rifle Doug, tonewil96
NCAA Skiing Ryan84
NCAA Women's Gymnastics tonewil124
New York-Penn LeagueDanny, skizzow, JP64
NFL Weekly Picksskizzow100
NIT Bristol230
North American Soccer Leaguetonewil64
Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League skizzow, Jimmy88
Northwest LeagueRyan48
NWCA National Duals Mattyb22, Doug123
Olympic Men's BasketballDoug, Ryan156
Olympic Men's Field HockeyChris46
Olympic Men's Handballabittner72
Olympic Men's VolleyballBristol, abittner, Greg, Bred40
Olympic Men's Water PoloBristol88
Olympic Women's BasketballBristol156
Olympic Women's Field HockeyRobbie, JP, Bristol79
Olympic Women's HandballRobbie24
Olympic Women's VolleyballRobbie48
Ontario Hockey League Ryan112
Ontario Junior Hockey League mxknkl52
Pacific Coast League Ryan96
PGA Championship Jimmy112
PGA Tournament of ChampionsDanny112
Pioneer Leagueabittner, Danny, Jimmy64
Quebec Junior Hockey League Ryan72
Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Bred, skizzow, JP, Chris, Jimmy108
RBC Cup Bristol, Danny72
Ryder Cupskizzow, tonewil80
Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League abittner, skizzow88
Shell Houston Open Bred112
Shriners Hospitals for Children OpenDanny112
Sony Open in Hawaii Danny80
South Atlantic League Greg, Chris, Danny, JP, abittner64
Southern League Jimmy, Robbie48
Southern Professional Hockey League Ryan, MegaBot40
Superior International Hockey League Ryan, tonewil, Danny72
Texas League Ryan48
The Barclays abittner, Jimmy80
The Masters Bred80
The McGladrey Classic Jimmy80
Tour Championship mxknkl112
UEFA Champions Leaguetonewil200
United Indoor Football League Chris, Bristol48
United Soccer League Promxknkl80
USA Rugby LeagueGreg, Ryan, Chris, Danny, Bristol, skizzow, NicCage64
USBC Men's College Bowlingtonewil96
USBC Women's College BowlingDoug, Jimmy88
USHL skizzow, Danny72
Valero Texas OpenGreg80
Waste Management Phoenix Open tonewil112
WCLA D-I Greg106
WCLA D-II Doug, Jimmy, Danny, skizzow100
Western Canada Cupabittner64
Western Hockey League Bristol116
Western Lacrosse AssociationDoug, Greg, Ryan64
WGC - Bridgestone Invitational Chris80
WNBA Mattyb22176
Women's Basketball Invitational abittner88
Women's College Squash Bristol206
Women's Collegiate Table Tennis Danny88
Women's NIT Bred51
Women's NWCA National DualsDoug72
Women's Water Polo Danny, Bristol112
World Team Tennis skizzow64